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    A design community and digital agency since 2003. Based in Hong Kong with members in Australia and United Kingdom.

  • History

    It is all about the passion on web and multimedia design

    deChic was founded in September 2003 by a group of design students in Hong Kong. We have strong background in digital design and believe web is the best platform to share, deliver contents and communicate with people around us. So we decided to form a design community and built our own sharing platforms and web hosting infrastructures targeting design students and young designers which they can share their thoughts and portfolio easily, in which is pretty amazing back to the old days without any good cloud based solutions available.


    Starting at 2007, we start accepting freelance design jobs and later operate a design house under the business name. We handles corporate identity, user-centered web and multimedia design projects by formed alliances with other design houses and digital marketing agencies. We successfully launched various corporate websites, online stores, blogs, mobile Apps and other online marketing projects like campaign websites, email direct marketing, web banners and social media pages for FMCG companies, government organizations, telecommunication companies and retail banking.

    Due to business reconstructions, we continues to operate with the name monopick when we shift our main focus to eCommerce solutions since 2011. But still, we are continue seeking opportunities to expend our digital design services to different countries around the world. We now have team members in Australia, Hong Kong and United Kingdom to serve our clients.

    For more information, please visit monopick CBT (our eCommerce solutions) and monopick (our own gadget store).

  • Philosophy

    Here are the reasons why we make deChic so unique and different from other design houses and digital agencies.

    We are equal

    A flat organization structure which makes our talents work without stress. Our designers can freely take the chance to contribute to any client project and work with their own interests, specialties and schedule.

    A scheduling and booking system

    Project time management is very important to a digital agency. We have setup and develop our own scheduling and booking system. Our registered clients can login anytime and check the availability of our designers, with their specialties and portfolio listed on the system, as well as reserve a booking to them.


    Once the project started, our clients can login to the system anytime and check for the status, schedule, and milestone of the projects. We decided to make the whole process more transparent and avoid any miscommunication. However, it is pretty amazing to see how our designers can work more effectively and reduce overtime.

    Simple charging scheme

    We only charge our clients in project hours + value-added services (VAS). We counted the project hours based on our scheduling and booking system.


    Some VAS examples are conducting a user acceptance test (UAT), content management system (CMS) training or using stock photos, videos on their projects or having a domain name and web hosting services, etc... And we will work on our business partners to make sure they can provide you a cost-effective, professional solutions to your project.

  • Services

    We dedicated to provide professional digital design services to our clients.

    Web Design

    Web Design

    RWD (Responsive Web Design) template for any SaaS (Service as a software) or Open Source CMS (Content Management System) or SCS (Shopping Cart System) using open web standards (HTML, CSS, JS) frameworks.

    Online Ads

    Online Ads

    Web banners, Newsletters (eDM) and other online promotion campaign materials in HTML5

    User Inferface Design

    User Interface Design

    Web, Mobile Apps or Interactive Kiosk UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design.

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